Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  Detecting Multimodal Fake News with Gated Variational AutoEncoder
Yimeng GU1, Ignacio CASTRO1, Gareth TYSON2  

1 Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
2 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (GZ), China  
  Highly Regarded Investors? Mining Predictive Value from the Collective Intelligence of Reddit’s WallStreetBets
Tolga BUZ1, Moritz SCHNEIDER1, Lucie-Aimée KAFFEE1, Gerard DE MELO1  

1 Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam, Germany  
  The Role of Likes: How Online Feedback Impacts Users’ Mental Health
Angelina VOGGENREITER1, Sophie BRANDT1, Fabian PUTTERER1, Andreas FRINGS1, Juergen PFEFFER1

1 Technical University of Munich, Germany  
  Echo Chambers in the Age of Algorithms: An Audit of Twitter’s Friend Recommender System
Kayla DUSKIN1, Joseph SCHAFER1, Jevin WEST1, Emma SPIRO1  

1 University of Washington, United States  
  Harmony in the Australian Domain Space
Xian GONG1, Paul X. MCCARTHY2, Marian-Andrei RIZOIU3, Paolo BOLDI4  

1 University of Technology, Australia
2 University of New South Wales, Australia
3 University of Technology Sydney, Australia
4 Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy  
  Here Be Livestreams: Trade-offs in Creating  Temporal Maps of Reddit
Virginia PARTRIDGE1, Jasmine MANGAT1, Rebecca CURRAN1, Ryan MCGRADY1, Ethan ZUCKERMAN1
1 University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States  
  Lost in Recursion: Mining Rich Event Semantics in Knowledge Graphs
Florian PLÖTZKY1, Niklas KIEHNE1, Wolf-Tilo BALKE1  

1 TU Braunschweig, Germany  
  A Genre-Based Analysis of New Music Streaming at Scale
Julie JIANG1, Aditiya PONNADA2, Ang LI2, Ben LACKER2, Samuel WAY2  

1 University of Southern California, United States
2 Spotify, United States  
  Analysing the Effect of Recommendation Algorithms on the Spread of Misinformation
Miriam FERNANDEZ1, Alejandro BELLOGIN2, Iván CANTADOR2  

1 The Open University, United Kingdom
2 Universidad Autonóma de Madrid, Spain  
  Corrective or Backfire: Characterizing and Predicting User Response to Social Correction
Bing HE1, Yingchen MA1, Mustaque AHAMAD1, Srijan KUMAR1  

1 Georgia Institute of Technology, United States  
  A Lexicon for Studying Radicalization in Incel Communities
Emily KLEIN1, Jennifer GOLBECK2  

1 University at Albany, United States
2 University of Maryland, United States  
  Dynamics in Search Engine Query Suggestions for European Politicians
Franziska PRADEL1, Fabian HAAK2, Sven-Oliver PROKSCH3, Philipp SCHAER2  

1 Technical University of Munich, Germany
2 TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences), Germany
3 University of Cologne, Germany  
  Using Wikipedia Pageview Data to Investigate Public Interest in Climate Change at a Global Scale
Florian MEIER1  

1 Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark  
  Understanding opinions towards migrants in transit: An analysis of tweets on Migrant Caravans in the US and Mexico
Abigail TUN MENDICUTI1, Jisu KIM2, Clara H. MULDER1

1 University of Groningen, Netherlands
2 Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Germany  
  Inside the echo chamber: Linguistic underpinnings of misinformation on Twitter
Xinyu WANG1, Jiayi LI1, Sarah RAJTMAJER1

1 Pennsylvania State University, United States  
  Abortion and Miscarriage on Twitter: Sentiment and Polarity Analysis from a gendered perspective

1 Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
2 Scopely, Spain
3 Women’s Brain Project, Switzerland
4 Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain
5 Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain  
  What makes a viral song? Unraveling music virality factors
Gabriel P. OLIVEIRA1, Ana Paula COUTO DA SILVA1, Mirella M. MORO1

1 Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brasil  
  A Longitudinal Study of Italian and French Reddit Conversations Around the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Francesco CORSO1, Giuseppe RUSSO2, Francesco PIERRI3

1 Politecnico di Milano, CENTAI Institute, Italy
2 ETH Zurich, Switzerland
3 Politecnico di Milano, Italy  
  Reacting to Generative AI: Insights from Student and Faculty Discussions on Reddit
Chuhao WU1, Xinyu WANG1, John CARROLL1, Sarah RAJTMAJER1

1 The Pennsylvania State University, United States  
  Unveiling News Publishers Trustworthiness Through Social Interactions
Manuel PRATELLI1, Fabio SARACCO2, Marinella PETROCCHI3

1 IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy
2 Centro Ricerche `Enrico Fermi’, Rome, Italy
3 IIT-CNR, Pisa, Italy  
  Fact checks versus problematic content in search rankings: SEO effects and the question of Google‘s content moderation
Kamila KORONSKA1, Richard ROGERS1

1 University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  
  Improved methodology for longitudinal Web analytics using Common Crawl

1 University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom  
  Misinformation and Polarization around COVID-19 vaccines in France, Germany, and Italy
Gianluca NOGARA1, Francesco PIERRI2, Stefano CRESCI3, Luca LUCERI4, Silvia GIORDANO1

1 SUPSI, Switzerland
2 Politecnico di Milano, Italy
3 IIT-CNR, Italy
4 USC Information Sciences Institute, United States  
  Waiting for Q: An Exploration of QAnon Users’ Online Migration to Poal in the Wake of Voat’s Demise

1 University College London, United Kingdom  
  Exploring Local Music’s Place in Global Streaming
Samuel WAY1, Dominika MAZUR1, Rebecca KUPFERMAN1, Megan WALSH1, Angelina TIZÉ1, Benjamin LACKER1

1 Spotify, United States  
  Shorts vs. Regular Videos on YouTube: A Comparative Analysis of User Engagement and Content Creation Trends
Caroline VIOLOT1, Tuğrulcan ELMAS2, Igor BILOGREVIC3, Mathias HUMBERT1

1 University of Lausanne, Switzerland
2 Indiana University Bloomington, United States
3 Google, Switzerland  
  Hate Speech Detection and Reclaimed Language: Mitigating False Positives and Compounded Discrimination

1 Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom  
  Deciphering Crypto Twitter
Inwon KANG1, Maruf Ahmed MRIDUL1, Abraham SANDERS1, Yao MA1, Thilanka MUNASINGHE1, Aparna GUPTA1, Oshani SENEVIRATNE1

1 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States  
  U. S. Users’ Exposure to YouTube Videos On- and Off-platform
Desheng HU1, Ronald ROBERTSON2, Aniko HANNAK1, Christo WILSON3

1 University of Zurich, Switzerland
2 Stanford Internet Observatory, Stanford University, United States
3 Northeastern University, United States
  Accuracy and Fairness for Web-Based Content Analysis under Temporal Shifts and Delayed Labeling
Abdulaziz ALMUZAINI1, David PENNOCK2, Vivek SINGH1

1 Rutgers University, United States
2 Microsoft, United States  
  Temporal Dynamics of User Engagement on Instagram: A Comparative Analysis of Album, Photo, and Video Interactions

1 Linköping University, Sweden  
  Competition of Influencers: A Model for Maximizing Online Social Impact
Franco GALANTE1, Michele GARETTO2, Emilio LEONARDI1

1 Politecnico di Torino, Italy
2 Università di Torino, Italy  

Short Papers

Contextualized Word Embeddings Expose Ethnic Biases in News
Damian TRILLING1, Guusje THIJS1, Anne C. KROON1

1 University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Social Group Differences in the Social Media Discussion about ChatGPT and Bing Chat
Maximilian WEBER1

1 Goethe University, Germany  
The role of interface design on prompt-mediated creativity in Generative AI
Maddalena TORRICELLI1, Mauro MARTINO2, Andrea  BARONCHELLI1, Luca Maria AIELLO3

1 City, University of London, United Kingdom
2 IBM Research, United States
3 IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark  
Polarization in Decentralized Online Social Networks
Lucio LA CAVA1, Domenico MANDAGLIO1, Andrea TAGARELLI1

1 DIMES, University of Calabria, Italy  
 An Exploration of Decentralized Moderation on Mastodon
Carlo BONO1, Lucio LA CAVA2, Luca LUCERI3, Francesco PIERRI1

1 DEIB, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
2 DIMES, University of Calabria, Italy
3 USC Information Sciences Institute, United States  
Conspiracy Narratives on Voat: A Longitudinal Analysis of Cognitive Activation and Evolutionary Psychology Features

1 GESIS-Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany  
Shifting Climates: Climate Change Communication from YouTube to TikTok
Arianna PERA1, Luca Maria AIELLO1

1 IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark  
Uncovering Gender Bias within Journalist-Politician Interaction in Indian Twitter
Brisha JAIN1, Mainack MONDAL2

1 Independent researcher, India
2 Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India  
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